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Hashim Pir Dastgir

Shree Swami Samarth Hazrath Hashim Pir Dastageer also known affectionately as Saint Qubute-Deccan was born in the 17th Century in Burhanpur in Gujarat in the Sayed Sadath family. He was brought up in a highly scholastic atmosphere and was educated in the Basic Islamic principles and reciting of Quran & Hadith by his own father. The world famous monument of Gol Gumbaz is located near the shrine of Hazrath Hashim pir, adjacent to the tomb of the Ruler and his staunch disciple, Sultan Mohammad Adil Shah of Bijapur.

Hashim Pir migrated to Bijapur on the specific instructions from the Holy Prophet of Islam, and enlightened the land with his grace, mercy, blessings & prayers. He influenced the rulers of Bijapur to give up their un-Islamic and heretic practices and follow the path laid down in Quran. Hashim Pir Alwi ( R.A) was a born saint who showed the path of righteousness to the whole of mankind through his teachings and preachings. People of the time of all caste & religion visited him and seek his blessings. He soon became the Raj Guru of the King of Bijapur.

Hazrath Hashim Pir returning from his Haj visit was arrested off the Konkan coast by the Portugese but with the efforts of the Sultan’s son Ibrahim IInd, he was allowed to return to Bijapur. When the king was constructing the Gol Gumbaz, he fell seriously ill and no amount of medication cured him, so he approached Hazrath Hashim Pir, who realized that the King’s death was very close. To reciprocate the efforts of the King in having him released from the Portugese, Hazrath gave away 10 remainder years of his life to the King and left this mortal world on 7th day of Ramadan 1646 AD and his tomb was constructed adjacent the Gol Gumbaz in Bijapur. His shrine has been visited by many VIPs in India including Mahatma Gandhi, Indira Gandhi, Satya Sai Baba & other personalities.

Teachings of Hazrath Hashim Pir :

  • He preached his followers/visitors the righteous path of Prophet Mohammed and path to reach divinity.
  • He was secular in his helping hand to all the visitors & donated all the gold coins he received from the Kings Darbar to the poor & needy. By doing this he preached the virtue of “giving” to mankind.
  • The most famous preaching of Hazrath which is more relevant in the current times is as follows. One should pray to the Almighty in the following words :        

                                         मेरे इन हाथों से किसी का बुरा नहो,

    मेरे दिल में किसी के लिये नफरत न हो,

    मेरे जुबान से किसी का दिल न दुखे,

    मेरे दर से कोई मायूस न लौटे

  • You should learn to live your life and not merely allow it to live.
  • Live a life like an Agarbatti which leave behind aroma even after it is burnt fully.
  • Live life in such a way that even after your death people should feel that a saint lived amongst them.
  • Live the path of “Donation for the poor & needy” like a Shahenshah.
  • Live a life useful to others & not only for yourself.
  • You should learn to return back to your original self after getting involved in worldly duties to remember God ( Allah ) every day. If you get stuck with your whole day thoughts even at night, you will never remember the Almighty.
  • Celebrate your anniversary only when you have controlled all your 6 vices.
  • Zindagi mein, DARNA MANA HAI. Live fearlessly, do not fear human mortal or situations, in fact learn to love mankind & you will love GOD.
  • Do not beg from HUMANS who themselves are beggars in front of GOD. Beg to the ALMIGHTY because only he can give you what you want.
  • Remember the ALMIGHTY at all times. One day he will reciprocate, just like the iron is made redhot and then after repeatedly hitting it, the rod will break into pieces.
  • God has given us this Human self, make the best use of it. If we do not fulfill the expectations of God, we may not get this Human life again.